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Release, Relax, Unwind

T H O M A S   M c G A R Y ,   L M T

Being a massage therapist is the second most rewarding job I have ever had – and I have had some great jobs. I have been a lobsterman, dancer, DJ, dance teacher, landscaper, carpenter, spring water distributor, fabric sculptor, kickboxing instructor and now a massage therapist.

As you can see I’ve been drawn to nature and the human body so it seems only fitting that I am now helping people in such a natural way. I feel it is not enough to simply understand anatomy, physiology or massage techniques. In order to be most effective I strive to use creativity and innovation with every client. As a massage therapist I have the opportunity to make a positive and immediate impact on someone’s life – plus everyone is always so happy to see me!

In my spare time I love to work in my gardens, cycle crazy distances, swim  or go sea kayaking. What is my most enjoyable and rewarding job ever? -being a father to my wonderful son, Caleb. And now being Papa to my beautiful granddaughters Ava and Ellie!

My work is all about creating space so the body has room to move and can then heal itself

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
 you touch everything.

- Lao Tzu 


Whether you are looking to rejuvenate with a relaxing massage or work on an area that is bothering you I can provide a customized massage therapy session designed to provide the best results for your needs. I will draw upon my years of experience and continuing education in such areas as myofascial release and unwinding, deep tissue, visceral manipulation, cupping, gua sha and sports stretching to tailor a massage just for you. I hope to see you soon! Tom

Massage Pricing (unless otherwise noted) 

30 minutes   $50

45 minutes   $70
60 minutes   $85

Pregnancy    $85
90 minutes   $130

On-Site Seated Chair Massage

I am happy to provide on-site seated chair massages at your workplace. Using a specially designed massage chair I can target areas that are prone to stress and tension. Anyone, in any workplace, can benefit from on-site seated chair massage. 

Please call for pricing.

Gift Certificates

Please note I am not accepting new patients at this time and am currently downsizing my practice as well. Please confirm with your intended that they are indeed seeing me for massage. Thank you.

What Massage Technique Is Right For Me?

There are dozens (if not hundreds) of different massage modalities. Obviously, I do not know them all nor will I live long enough to learn all I would like to about massage but I focus on these areas I have been drawn to.

Important Facts to Know About Massage

Massage can temporarily increase your need for water. As dehydrated and adhered tissues are opened up they will be starving for water.


22 Chapman Street

Brewer, ME 04412

 207 - 949 - 3933

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