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What Massage Technique Is Right For Me?



There are dozens (if not hundreds) of different massage modalities. Obviously, I do not know them all nor will I live long enough to learn all I would like to about massage but I focus on these areas I have been drawn to. Rarely do I ever do a complete massage using only one style. Different issues/areas often require a different approach. We will start with a consultation to determine the most effective technique for your situation.  In reality, most massages combine elements of all of these styles (and more). I will utilize my knowledge and experience to determine the appropriate techniques at different stages of the massage to affect the greatest outcome.


The basis for all western massage, Swedish incorporates the long flowing strokes most people are familiar with.

Deep Tissue

This is a deeper, more focused work often concentrating on specific problem areas. Deep tissue does not necessarily mean very deep pressure - it is more a philosophy of addressing the deeper layers of soft tissue in the body.

Myofascial Release

Similar to deep tissue often involving slow deep stretches of problem areas while focusing on the fascia of the body.


More active massage where the client may be involved in active and/or passive stretching of problem areas. 

Gua Sha

From Chinese medicine, gua sha is an ancient treatment utilizing a tool to scrape the skin. I use gua sha stones but traditionally coins, jar lids, soup spoons, table knives and even animal horns are used. Gua (gwah) literally means to scrape, Sha - pronounced as it looks or sometimes sah - doesn't have such a clean translation. Basically means "all the junk stuck below the surface"! So we try to raise the sha and reduce the adhesions so the blood and lymph can do their job.


Cupping is another ancient form of treatment designed to stimulate blood flow, reduce adhesions and lift the sha. I mostly use pliable silicone cups that can lift tissue and still glide over bony areas.

Pregnancy Massage

This massage is designed to relax the mother-to-be using special positioning and pillows to ensure the safety and comfort of both mother and baby. While there are a few contraindications and precautions, massage is both safe and beneficial for most women. Truly, the most important element is positioning so you are comfortable during the massage. Please obtain at least verbal permission from your doctor before your first visit. I am comfortable working during all stages of the pregnancy. 

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